Kelly Bell

Kelly Bell

Site Manager

With responsibility for the technical team in Sheffield, Kelly has one eye on quality control and the other on process optimisation. She’s an expert at scaling up new products and overseeing all the regulatory elements demanded of us. Consistency is Kelly’s key word; ensuring products are consistent from batch-to-batch is imperative and she and her team have that nailed. Caravanning with her family makes Kelly tick and her dream is to one day buy a Winnebago and travel the world – watch this space!

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It’s easy to think of global companies as being aloof and unapproachable. However, as we’re sure you’ll discover Diamond Dispersions is a close-knit community of ink fanatics with a refreshingly informal approach to business. This passionate hand-picked team loves nothing more than developing new dispersions and dyes. And it is this enthusiasm for all things ‘ink’ which guarantees you products of the very highest quality.

Our Vision: To be the best digital dispersions manufacturer in the world.

Our Mission: Helping you develop in tomorrow’s inkjet world.

“I would like to inform you that the sample of the enhanced D77K is completely tested - it's really good work! We have tried go grow bacteria or fungus, but failed - your sample is very strong and stable. We would like to order 2 tons of the product.”

“We have sent samples of our textile inks (with the D71) to various potential dealers around the World and the initial feedback was - great colors.” Bulgaria

“Using your dispersions we have the best set of dye sublimation inks in the world.” Europe

“We have now established our dye sublimation inks for textiles based on your guide line formulations and dispersions. Our customers are extremely happy with the performance of our inks. As a result we are moving strongly across the local market. We are very much thankful for your expertise, your team and local distributors support.” India