Diamond Dispersions to unlock international sales potential

South Yorkshire-based ink specialists, Diamond Dispersions, have teamed up with international sales consultant, Shaun Sagar, to help unlock sales potential and grow business in the Far East, USA, Europe and UK.

Shaun, who has over 30 years in international sales, met Diamond’s directors Peter Callahan and Sue Wright at a networking event in Sheffield.

Outlines Shaun: “Diamond Dispersions is a very exciting business. It currently has a good share of a rapidly growing market and that’s what interests me – Diamond has masses of potential.

“The team has made strong progress over the last two years, particularly in terms of export, but they are just beginning to open the highly lucrative, multi-million pound market.”

Adds Peter Callahan: “Shaun has worked with major international companies and is highly skilled at developing business relationships with clients at high levels, exactly what we need. He also understands the demands of our customers and the scope of what we can achieve over the next five years.

“Together we have developed a clear sales strategy that will open the doors to large multi-national print companies. These companies are in the process of developing new technologies for which they will require specialists inks – that’s where we come in.”

Concludes Shaun: “Diamond are attracting serious attention for their work in a global market which is set to double in size. The task in hand is to capitalise on the huge opportunities that are undoubtedly out there and deliver exponential growth.”