£1.6m South American ink contract win

We’re delighted to announce we’ve won a two-year contract to supply dispersions worth over £1.6 million.

The contract, one of our biggest to date, is with an existing customer located in South America. The company excels in global textiles printing and will use our dispersions in products they create for their own customers and also in the textile printing machines they sell.

Explains Peter Callahan, director at Diamond Dispersions: “We’ve spent the last few years building relationships with companies and individuals across South America – it’s a fast growing market and there is huge interest in textile printing and Diamond is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality dispersions for textile inks.

“The South American economy is growing at pace and more and more companies are moving from screen printing to digital which is where we come in.

“This particular company trialled a number of our dispersions earlier this year and the feedback was very positive. We firmly believe in one-to-one meetings so myself and my fellow director, Sue Wright, visited the customer several times as they told us they were keen to go down the digital route and they wanted us to assist them.”

Continues Peter: “Our operations manager, David Tubman, has spent a couple of weeks over in various South American countries recently with a number of customers to work on research and development projects and basically to ensure that our clients are getting the best performance possible from our dispersions.”